Helen Haworth

"Thanks very much for the opportunity to come and meet the members of DBN and for your very warm welcome. It is extremely well organised and professional. Despite a very formal structure the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. The group certainly seems like it means business! I was impressed by the number of referrals that businesses are gathering for each other. The philosophy behind word of mouth advertising makes so much sense and looks like it is working effectively in this group. I would certainly hope to make a return visit at some point. Thanks once again"

Helen Haworth: www.portsalonluxurycamping.com


Many of our 25+ members have been members in this group for over 3 years! They meet at least once every week and know how to spot an opportunity for each other


When you get to know someone, you want to help them out. Referrals are key drivers of word of mouth marketing that we learn to identify for each other


When we help each other out, we get business in return, and only refer quality clients and only to quality suppliers who will deliver quality results.