Visit DBN

DBN meets every Wednesday morning at 6.45 am in the Radisson Hotel in Letterkenny for a structured meeting from 7.00am sharp which ends at 8.30am sharp and is followed by a 4* breakfast. It is a great chance to network and promote your business.  Get an invite from a member.


6:45 Open Networking over coffee and biscuits
7.00 Introduction
7.05 Education slot
7.15 60 second presentations - Everybody to promote their own business
7.50 One to one’s 5 minutes each way - Get to know someone new
8.00 Pass referrals and/or positive feedback
8.10 10-minute speaker, followed by referral and revenue reports
8.30 Close followed by 4* Radisson Buffet Breakfast included

What do you need to do?

  1. Pick a Wednesday morning to visit us
  2. Book here as a visitor by email - the breakfast is catered so we need to know numbers
  3. Be prepared to stand up and speak for 60 Seconds about your own business
  4. Bring €10 fee for meeting room overheads and this includes the 4* breakfast
  5. Bring plenty of business cards and flyers to pass out


Many of our 25+ members have been members in this group for over 3 years! They meet at least once every week and know how to spot an opportunity for each other


When you get to know someone, you want to help them out. Referrals are key drivers of word of mouth marketing that we learn to identify for each other


When we help each other out, we get business in return, and only refer quality clients and only to quality suppliers who will deliver quality results.