Doing 121 meetings

The Benefits of doing 121s with fellow members


Michael MacGinty MEANit Web

If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to get what we always got”
“The Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

When it comes doing 121s you have all read how to do them technically. That Technical explanation is at the bottom of this article, in case you want to see it. So today lets just look at some of the benefits of doing these 121s.

Why do we do 121s?
Nobody comes to DBN every week in order to bring business leads to you, they come here to get business leads from you. But in order for someone to try spotting opportunities for you they have to know, like and trust you. Then you have to educate them on how to spot opportunities for you. You can only do that by doing dedicated 121s.
Allocate one hour for the meeting and after a maximum of 5 minutes of chat, start talking business. Dig in to each others business connections, relations, groups, affiliations, any connections related to hobbies and so on.

10 Benefits of doing 121s – repeatedly, again, and again, and again
1. Build relationships by getting to know more about each other and your various networks – this is relationship marketing
2. Save time – one hour focused time is a lot more productive than loads of rushed 10 minute slots, snatched at networking events
3. Create a bond, loyalty and commitment as you develop your relationship
4. Swop feedback and constructive criticism about your business and methods of doing business
5. Support – be there as back up for each other, just like members in any good team
6. Continuous Relationship Development – CRD see Darren and Bert, Dean and Gareth
7. WOMM Word of Mouth Marketing is great advertising
8. Referrals generated by people who really know you and what you offer, will always be very warm
9. There people who risk their good name by trusting you with a referral to someone they know, can also get you feedback from those clients
10. It is a great hour spent outside the office, working on the business, rather than in it. You get space to take a breath and be open to ideas and suggestion.

Reciprocity: Remember that people feel an indebtedness that they will go to great lengths to repay. Giving and helping also makes you feel good and genuinely improves the life of others.
What would you add to this list?
What questions do you have?

Tips on Effective 1-2-1s – Meeting other Networkers.

What do you want to get out of a 1-2-1? Ask yourself, in advance.
Prepare a 121 ToolKit, send it, exchange with other person, read theirs in advance.
Set an agenda, meet with purpose, agree actions, including date for next meeting.
1-2-1s are opportunities to educate and be educated by others about:
• What is a good referral for each other – be clear, practical & honest
• Who would be good to bring as a visitor for each other to another meeting
• What to look out for in our daily work that is a possible indication or “Trigger” that someone needs each other’s services. Problems like poor phone service, needs insurance, a website or printing or a painter, car issues, tax issues, going to a wedding etc.
• What to listen for in a conversation that could lead to a referral
• How to start a conversation for the other member which will lead to business It’s also a chance to work on who we know from our networks that could be future clients for each other. Every conversation you have with anyone could lead to a Referral – LISTEN !

Some Tips on 121 etiquette
• Be respectful of each other’s time – give’ each other the time 30 mins to 1hr each way
• Be a good listener – Share or dedicate that time taking turns to talk about your businesses
• Spend only five minutes talking about the weather, sport, etc Get down to business
• Always be positive and give encouragement.
• Stay focused on what you need to be doing to help the other person.
• Never walk away without learning something new
• Never leave the meeting without having a name of a person that you could either: a. Bring someone to a meeting as a visitor for the other person b. Or start a conversation that could lead to business for the other person.
Once you leave the meeting, be sure to go out and WORK at finding your partner a referral or a visitor who would lead to business.
Remember Givers Gain – be a Farmer not a Hunter.

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