DBN Minutes – First Meeting March 20th 2013

March 2013 20th First Full Meeting – 

Many thanks for your energy this morning. 19 people in Letterkenny did something a little bit different today and that little difference if continued will make a big difference to us all.

Minutes: March 27th 2013 Just to put it in writing that we agreed a few things.

  1. a new working title Business Network Donegal
  2. That Garry Clarke would look at how we set ourselves up to ensure that we have no legal issues going forward. Anybody with big money problems send to Garry !
  3. That Dennis Finnegan would set up a LinkedIn Group – anyone NOT on LinkedIn do join – it is free and very useful. Talk to someone who is using it. We are all here to support each other.
  4. That we all Share in a Dropbox Folder. In this Folder, in the Cloud as such, we will keep all relevant paperwork for all of us to access incl Minutes. If you do not have Dropbox just go to Dropbox.com and download the App – it is free and very useful. Again talk to someone who is using it for support.
  5. In that DropBox folder, in Educational Info we will put a Sample 60 Second presentation, a sample 121 ToolKit, Tips of effective 121s and the Definition of a Referral. Copy them, edit them to create your own versions. Keep your Contact details up to date as you want them to appear including email and phone.
  6. Next week we move to the Silver Tassie Hotel to check out the meeting room facilities and breakfast. Same time 6.45 and pretty much the same format as today. Lets see how many make Week 2.
  7. Martin made a point that maybe we should go slow on inviting possible Members until we have more structure and an agreed venue. This would apply where you feel that someone who could be a good member might be put off by seeing in our current early state. Having said that there will be a few people looking to join who just ‘get it’ and want to be a part of it now, which is fine.
  8. Neil Donaghy will arrange the room in a different way next week and will undertake to look after and perfect this aspect of our meetings to make them as comfortable and functional as possible.
  9. Deirdre many thanks for looking after Registrations and paying hotel.
  10. Do prepare your 60 seconds for next week and do NAME that someone you want – be laser specific, who you want and why. Pauric wants a chance to meet with Maire Aine Gardiner – Fáilte Ireland Donegal who is involved in the Gathering.
  11. Categories to fill include:

 Construction: Builder, Painter, Plumber, Electrician, Handyman

 Health & Wellness: Hairdresser, Physio,

  1. As Denis said try to schedule a 121 with someone for next week or earlier.
  2. Social: Remember Ted & Co Dinner at the Radisson in aid of the Hospice on April 27th only €39.95. And Silver Tassie is offering 4 course Confirmation/Communion lunch €19.95  with €20 voucher for the child celebrating. Happy Easter !!

Michael MacGinty
MEANit Web Design Agency

Businesses included Pascal Curran from Advice First Financial, Garry Clarke Solicitor, Michael MacGinty of MEANit Web Design Agency, Bill Steele the Architect, William Keogh of The Pinnacle Office Furniture and Denis Finnegan from Finn Media. With 19 businesses in the room, the buzz was great. We had banter and business all rolled in to 90 minutes. Followed by some Radisson Breakfast and more casual networking.