Next up in our #MeettheMembers series is Bill Steele who has been a member of Donegal Business Network for over five years. His business is Cullinane Steele Architects in Letterkenny, a company formed in 2002 in partnership with fellow Architect Peter Cullinane.


Tell us a little bit about your business?

We are an architectural practice based in Letterkenny. Our aim is to deliver a personal service with an emphasis on quality architecture, innovative design, and energy efficiency, all tailored to meet the needs, aspirations and budget of each client. We provide design and planning services in the construction sector, primarily in the residential market but we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the construction industry. We specialise in new house design including house plans, house extensions and renovations.


You mentioned distinguishing yourself from the competition; what sets you apart from competitors?
We strive to make the process of design and planning an enjoyable and rewarding journey for our clients. We believe that good design is for everyone, regardless of budget. We have a broad spectrum of experience in all aspects of the construction industry. Given the ever-changing world of building technologies and regulations, it is more important than ever to seek the correct advice when embarking on any project, particulalry in the current economic environment. It is essential that you protect any investment you make in your home and the best way to do that is to seek advice from qualified professionals before undertaking a project. We offer our clients a considerable wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of architecture and design, and while we are located in the north west of Ireland, our client base extends well beyond Co. Donegal.

After Works (Front) - Ramelton

What advice would you give to someone contemplating a building project?
We understand that building, extending, and renovating can be quite daunting; it’s a big undertaking and one of the greatest financial commitments you are likely to make in your life. The whole process involves a lot of time, energy, and emotion, so it makes sense that your first decision would be to work with qualified competent professionals that have your best interests at heart, who have a passion for good design and who have the required knowledge, expertise, and experience as well as a strong track record in delivering projects.


How has membership of DBN benefitted your business?
Along with many other things, membership has allowed us to increase contacts among valued and trusted business professionals, we wouldn’t have otherwise had. We’ve also increased our revenue by around 20% and gained useful insights, and even motivation, from the group to drive our business forward.


What is your favourite thing about running a business in Donegal?

The comraderie and community spirit of fellow business owners – this is really evident in Donegal Business Network, but also throughout the county.


What might surprise people about your business?

Good architecture is more than just building design; it is about listening to, and gaining an understanding of the people who use the building; identifying their needs, and the type of environment they want to create, and then exceeding those expectations. As an architectural practice, we offer creativity, knowledge, and technical skills, and promote discussion and analysis of each client’s particular needs; we are here to offer guidance and advice through all stages of the construction project. Good architecture is also about getting the project finished on time, to the required standard, within budget, and to the satisfaction of our clients.



Do you have a favourite business motto or words to live by?

Persistence is the key to success

Bellamy After Works (from garden)

For more information on Cullinane Steele Architects visit or call 074 9121999.