We’re kicking off 2021 with a renewed focus and energy on all things business in Donegal! We’re delighted to launch our new “Meet the Members” series which profiles our members and the variety of services you’ll find on offer at Donegal Business Network. Our first member to be featured is photographer Clive Wasson, who has just been appointed the new Director of Donegal Business Network for 2021.


Tell Us a Bit About Your Business
I have almost 30 years’ experience in the photography industry, serving Donegal, the northwest and further afield. During that time, we’ve built a vast portfolio that includes work for multi-national corporations, local and national press and private clients.
See my 10 Photo Tips in 10 Minutes presentation HERE.


The Industry Has Changed a Lot in 30 Years!
Yes, it has indeed! There have been so many technological advances that have revolutionised the industry, but things like excellent service and providing clients with a unique experience and a professional service remain at the heart of everything we do. We aim to ensure every shoot we do is a fresh, comfortable and personal experience for our clients; that way, we not only the best picture, but we also get the best from our clients, as only years of experience can. We have also invested in the latest technology so we can provide prints at events or have them ready for collection after the presentations are complete. We’ve also branched out into providing 360 tours and video services like this one for the CoLab.


You’ve been a Member of DBN since 2013?

Yes, I really believe in the power of networking. There’s a great synergy to the Donegal Business Network; making contact with expert suppliers, generating business for them and getting referrals in return. As a sole trader, working alone, it’s great to meet other businesspeople with a positive outlook and mindset.


What is your Favourite Thing About Working from Donegal?

The freedom to work in a way that suits me and to live and raise my family in a great environment. Technology means you can now work from anywhere and I’ve been servicing the national media from Donegal for many years. Our investment in top of the range photographic systems means the pictures from the field are available to clients online anywhere in the world within minutes! As a freelance member of the N.U.J. and P.P.A.I., we are perfectly placed to cover events in Donegal, the northwest and Northern Ireland and we have excellent working relationships with local and national newspapers, and other media outlets.


What’s Your Favourite Business Motto To Live By?

Work less. Sleep more.


And the Best Piece of Business Advice You Have Ever Received?

Someone once told me to treat complaints or negative feedback as a nugget of gold for learning, because you can only improve your service if you know what went wrong. I think it’s good advice.

For more information on Clive Wasson Photography, see www.clive.ie or call Clive on 086 222 1024.