DBN Membership – Full or Lite explained

Benefits & Advantages of full Membership

Benefits are many, including:

  • Local Network group promoting local businesses
  • Category Exclusivity – only one member per business category, as in one accountant, one solicitor etc.
  • Increased business via the most cost and time effective method of marketing – word-of-mouth referrals
  • Become a spokesperson for your industry within your local area
  • Access to Business Development Workshops
  • Invitation to special functions/events
There are other advantages you can avail of:
  • Business profile on our web site.
  • Low cost Advertising
  • Low cost Training
  • Outside of “normal” work hours
  • Low cost annual membership of €100
  • Great meeting location with a fee of €10 for each meeting
  • 20 plus other members
As a full member you will be expected to abide by the DBN code of Ethics to maintain the integrity and reputation of the group.
Industry exclusivity – a key component of DBN is that of industry exclusivity – we allow only one person per profession

By joining DBN you will be locking out your competitors and taking advantage of this unique referral generating system, subsequently positioning your business as the preferred provider for your industry.
At every meeting, sometimes you win new business and sometimes you learn.

DBN Lite Membership

As a result of the success of DBN we capped full Membership at 25. Due to the logistics of having limited time on a Wednesday morning. DBN Lite has been created to allow people visit up to once a month without needing to apply for ‘Full’ membership, as long as your Category is not already filled.

This is ideal for someone who cannot commit to weekly meetings, but who wants to get involved every month. Twelve visits a year could make a big difference to your business.

There is a small nominal Annual Fee €100 which helps cover the costs of stationery and marketing. There is no fee to attend. We are a ‘Not for Profit’ group.

DBN Lite is not full membership. After you visit twice you can join the Lite programne, to be entitled to visit up to once a month.

You can still apply for full membership if your Category is available. Or you can start lite and go full at a later date, if you choose.
Benefits of Lite include attending meetings, attending Training, giving and receive referrals, doing 121’s, bringing visitors and being included in Social Events.

Lite Member – the facts
• Following the initial two meetings if visitors cannot or do not want to become full members of DBN they can apply to be a DBN Lite Member.

• DBN Lite Members must attend a maximum and minimum of 1 meeting per month provided their category is not filled by a DBN full member

• DBN Lite Members do not hold exclusivity to the seat or category. If a membership application is received from another business, it will be considered.

• DBN Lite Members do not hold exclusivity to the seat or category. If another Lite membership application is received from another business, it will be considered. Therefore there could be two dentists or two engineers as Lite members.

• DBN Lite Members can apply for full membership at any time provided their category is open and the network is accepting new members.

• DBN Lite Members are welcome to attend all open training seminars and social outings.

• DBN Lite Members are allowed to miss I meeting within a 6 months rolling period (2nd miss and membership is revoked)

• DBN Lite Members must do one 1-2-1 per month and it will be tracked.

Lite Members commit to attend one meeting per month on a Wednesday of their choice – one absence allowed in any 6 month rolling period.


Many of our 25+ members have been members in this group for over 3 years! They meet at least once every week and know how to spot an opportunity for each other


When you get to know someone, you want to help them out. Referrals are key drivers of word of mouth marketing that we learn to identify for each other


When we help each other out, we get business in return, and only refer quality clients and only to quality suppliers who will deliver quality results