Why did I join DBN?


Denis Finnegan – Finn Media Ltd

Proud founding member of DBN in 2013. I was a member of Cork city BNI for two years and since I moved up here, Pascal Curran kept pressure to create a similar group in Letterkenny. When BNI decided against our group, we created an independent group, Donegal Business Network. BNI Cork City helped me grow my business from the start and I knew how important a strong network meant for business success.

What does my business get from DBN?
Credibility to be part of such a successful group and access to potential new business.

What do I personally get from DBN?
Confidence in what I am doing within my industry and connections which has helped me develop new business opportunities.

What was my biggest challenge as a member of DBN?
Dedicating time for every member to help me pass on quality referrals.

What is my favourite thing about DBN?
The people and you never know who may turn up at a meeting as a visitor. DBN proves the early bird catches the worm.

What surprised me most from being in DBN?
Difficultly in attracting visitors. Knowing the benefit of being part of a strong network, I find it strange that people do not have same ambition to grow their business. This is another reason why I love DBN. Hanging out with like minded people.

How would I recommend somebody to visit DBN?
If you are hungry to grow either personally or through your business, you need to meet our early morning members and see for yourself why we never miss a Wednesday morning meeting.

Knowing what you know now what advice would you give a new member?
You wont grow with DBN without the “Know, Like and Trust” mentality. Meet every member outside of the Wednesday morning as often as you can and go to as many of the events as possible.

Where can people find you? or on Facebook or Linkedin or at DBN every Wednesday morning in the Radisson Hotel in Letterkenny at 6.45 am.