My DBN – Michael MacGinty

Why did I join DBN?


Michael MacGinty MEANit Web

We were founder members of DBN in 2013. We were asked by BNI to invite local businesses to form a BNI Chapter and were happy to do so. Along with Pascal Curran we invited dozens of local businesses to join with us. As it turned out BNI did not proceed with opening a chapter in Letterkenny, so the group decided to go ahead as an independent group.
Having helped found a BNI Chapter in Galway and having been a member there and in BNI Sligo Yeats Chapter, I was only too happy to be involved in my own local town. I am an ardent Business Networker, always have been.

What does my business get from DBN?
Referrals from members to potential new clients or recommendations from members to potential clients who have already contacted us.

What do I personally get from DBN?
Camaraderie, plus a very positive start to my Wednesday mornings. I feel we all learn from each other. And a lot of us end up working on joint venture projects

What was my biggest challenge as a member of DBN?
To be honest there was no real challenge, other than having to take some responsibility for helping ensure the smooth running of the network by taking a role. Making time is always hard, but this investment of time is well worth it.

What is my favourite thing about DBN?
The positive start to the morning and the moment when two or more members get working on a joint project, where we can add some serious value for the client

What surprised me most from being in DBN?
How hard it is to get visitors to attend, just because it is early in the morning or because they are afraid they will be asked to join.

How would I recommend somebody to visit DBN?
It is an opportunity to meet like minded, optimistic, ambitious Donegal business people, with no commitment to join. Just come on in and enjoy the craic, You might learn or earn something whilst you are at it. Plus there is a great breakfast too.

Knowing what you know now what advice would you give a new member?
Invest time in to doing loads of 121’s so that you can get to know, like and trust as many members as possible and vice versa.

Where can people find you? or on Facebook or Linkedin and any of the other Social Channels or at DBN every Wednesday morning in the Radisson Hotel in Letterkenny at 6.45 am.