Pádraic O’Maille – Up Your Game. How to Win at the Game of Business and Life

Padraic-o-maille-LEOA short 30 minute guide on how to Up Your Game. How to Win at the Game of Business and Lif with Pádraic Ó Máille, founder of Smácht and Donegal Business Network​ for business owners – Delivered via Zoom.

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Third Wednesday Lunch & Learn November 17th 1.00 to 1.45 pm

Padraic-o-maille-GalwayWhat will you learn? 4 Areas to Up Your Game and Win at The New Game of Business.

In this session you will learn where the game of business has changed and four areas where you can begin to up your game with immediate impact and at almost no financial cost. They are:
1. Your Inner Game. Upping your game is first and foremost a personal decision. But good enough isn’t good enough any more.
2. Your Outer Game. How to show up and stand out in an increasingly crowded market space.
3. Your Game Plan. Not everybody in the country liked Jimmy McGuinness’ game plan at the time. But he had one. And it was different. And it won an All Ireland. There’s a few messages here.
4. Your Score Keeping. You can actually be winning, but feel like you’re losing, if you don’t keep the score. Just observe what happens to a kids performance levels when their Mother roars‘next goal wins.’ It goes straight up.
And so will yours too when you follow these time honoured principles of leadership and effectiveness and wisdom.

Pádraic Ó Máille DBN Eventbrite V2 - CopyBackground. The Old Game of Business.
Like it or like it not, the game of business has changed beyond all recognition in the past 18 months.
The rules. The location. Even the score has changed. Think about it…
A few short years ago you needed premises, equipment and staff to open a new business. You can set up a new business today from  your home with a good idea; a mobile phone; and an internet connection.
Your niche was defined hugely by your geographic location which for many was a fifty mile radius around your town or county. Now thanks to technology you can have customers in every nation on earth. Except, so too can your competitors.

As for the score, Covid has taught us that oftentimes, less is more.
Less customers equals better service for those who really value you.
Less expenses equals more take-home profit and hard cash in the bank.
Less time wasted travelling equals more priceless time with your family and freedom to do more of what you really like.

Pádraic Ó Máille DBN Instagram Facebook V2 - CopyWho is the event for?

This event will focus mainly on business owners and business managers. Small to medium sized businesses in Donegal or Ireland generally, this online event is for you.

Speaker bio: Pádraic Ó Máille, founder of Smácht.

Padraic-o-maille-all-ireland-business-summitPádraic Ó Máille is a business coach and founder of Smácht. He has helped hundreds of business owners survive and thrive through at least two economic recessions.

He is the author of two best selling books on how to show up and stand out when times are tough. .

He lives in the Burren in Co. Clare where he gets to swim in the wild Atlantic most days of the year. More info here https://omaille.ie/ 

The above Lunch & Learn will be a 45 minutes session, 30 of content and 15 minutes for questions. We will use ZOOM to deliver this meeting online.

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Contact details: 00353 87 2647817 P@omaille.ie www.omaille.ie

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