Why you might not be getting referrals

Ten Possible Reasons You do not get enough Referrals.


Michael MacGinty MEANit Web

If we do €1m in a year then divide that by 15 members and we all got €66,666.66. Did you get €66,666.66? If we do €500,000.00 like last year. Did you get half of that as in €33,333.33 . Why not?

Ten Possible Reasons You do not get enough Referrals.

1. Nobody likes you – are you showing interest in other members or are you too focused on you. It is unlikely, that nobody likes you, so it may be the case that you just need to connect more.
2. Responsibility – Do you do your bit as a member to make the Network work for everybody – it does affect your credibility and your likeability
3. Nobody knows you – do more 121’s, even via Zoom, this is when people pay attention to you. And this is when they can get to understand who you want to meet, who may be in their network.
4. People do not understand what you want – Being specific is terrific, is it start ups or new builds, budgets under €100k or over €200k, B2B or B2C – do not talk about too many topics.
5. Do you pass referrals – people will want to refer you when you refer to them. It is human nature. Likewise, if you do not pass referrals, guess what. It is not ‘natural’ to think of others ahead of your own interests, but the misunderstood truth is that thinking of others really is in your own interests.
6. Substitutes – Do you send a sub rather than leave an empty chair. Is the Sub prepped to advertise for you? Is the sub someone who could be a good visitor to the Network.
7. People zone out if your 60 seconds advertising is the same every week. Highland Radio would charge you thousands for a weekly 60 second slot. You pay in time invested in DBN meetings every week and your fees, so make it work. Make it interesting every week and ask for what you want. who you want. And maybe explain why you would be a good fit for this person..
8. 10 Minute presentation – Be well prepared, show examples of your work, but do not get technical or drone on about technical features and do not go over or under time – take questions, educate fellow members about your business, encourage questions
9. Be specific in the 60 seconds. Talk about real named existing clients or case studies rather than features or widgets. Maybe you are not actually asking for Referrals – name the people you want to meet. Start with the industry sector, find some suitable companies, find the actual buyers or decision makers names. Use them and make it easier for people to refer you. We are all Sales people and salespeople need to know who their target audience is by niche, category, company and name
10. Why else are you not getting enough referrals? …. Not enough members ? Too many Members ? Not enough deep relationships ? It just takes time to get the hang of it ?

Did we cover all the possibilities? Or did you think of a few more?